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It could be anemia where the circulating blood in the body is deficient of RBCs.Factors that can cause a high platelet count are conditions likecancer, iron-deficiency anemia, inflammatory bowel disease, kidneydisorder, pancreatitis, tuberculosis.Platelet Count is ordered routinely as a prat of Complete Blood Cell Count.

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ITP (immune thrombocytopenia) Causes. You may have a higher risk of getting a blood clot if your platelet count becomes high during treatment with Nplate.

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Platelet count Treatment with some drugs (steroids, vincristine) causes a transient increase in total platelet count.Elevated platelet count is not uncommon in patients with sideropenic anemia, specifically iron deficiency anemia.

Elevated erythropoietin hormone resulting due to Iron deficiency anemia,. excess number of platelets, and Anemia. the cause of the elevated platelet count.Eight adult patients with sickle cell anemia were followed over a 6-mo period. both megathrombocyte number and platelet count fell significantly.The possible factors that lead to this condition are listed below.Methods Platelet counts were analyzed before. 2010) High platelet count associated with.

Treatment of Autoimmune Thrombocytopenia (AITP). is a disorder of low blood platelet counts in which platelets. with or without autoimmune hemolytic anemia.What causes high RDW on a blood count. blood cells which can assist in clarifying diagnosis of anemia.Those uterine fibroids that have been annoying you with lengthy flowing periods are taking their toll.Thrombocytosis (or thrombocythemia) is the presence of high platelet counts in the blood, and can be either primary (also termed essential and caused by a myeloproliferative disease) or reactive (also termed secondary).

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Seven patients had high MPV and high platelet count: causes included myeloproliferative disorders, inflammation, iron deficiency, and splenectomy, 25 patients had high platelet counts and normal MPV: the causes were inflammation, infection, sickle cell anemia, iron deficiency, or chronic myelogenous leukemia.

In your case, your high platelet count points to a blood loss iron deficiency.

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A common blood test could help diagnose cancer earlier, according to research suggesting a high platelet count is strongly associated with the disease.Increased abnormal lymphocytes with a low platelet count, with or without anemia,.Leukemia is a type of cancer that. high numbers of abnormal lymphocytes.When an individual has anemia, the percent of reticulocytes present in the blood may appear.Low Platelet Info, Remedies that will help your low platelets.


In many cases of a high platelet count, it does not produce specific symptoms.Why does the iron deficiency in anemia cause a high platelet count.

The best explanation for elevated platelet counts in rheumatoid arthritis appears to be related to chronic anemia, a common characteristic of rheumatoid arthritis.The platelet count should be checked. anemia is associated with.

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